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The weekend is here and your hung out crew do not have anything to do for the weekend. Then one of your crewmates comes up with the idea of vaping as you catch up with one another. An agreement is reached that all of you will vape considering its the new cool thing to be part off. Being a newbie on matters concerning vaping, here is a breakdown on it. As a beginner, the following terms all refer to the same thing as vape juice and they are e-liquid and e-juice. The rise in popularity of box mods and vaporizers that are personalized, has help in the growth of vape juice. The domino effect that is being experienced is that more entertainment joints are increasing to accommodate the large number of people coming to enjoy vaping together.

One might then ask, what are the ingredients that are used in the making of vape juices.? Water, food flavor, vegetable glycerin or propylene, or a some bit of nicotine or none at all are what are used in the manufacture of vape juice. These elements are then mixed to produce the fluid known as the e-juice that ends up in electric cigarettes and vaporizers. Through heating of the e-liquid within the vaporizer or electric cigarette that one uses, one is able to enjoy the vapor produced. As stated earlier, the option of one opting to have nicotine in their e-liquid or not comes down to personal preference.

The variety that exist in the production of e-juices is made possible due to the type of food flavor that is used. The type of flood flavor that is used the production of e-juice is the same as those that are food in other foods. The benefit of having food flavors within the e-juice is that it has a good taste when consumed and the food flavor itself has no health effects.

Since the food flavor only constitute less than ten percent of vape juices, the bulk of the juices are made of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The benefit of having propylene glycol in a vape juice is that is that it assists in distributing an evenly taste. In order to have a sweet taste to a given vape juice, the use of the vegetable glycerin is recommended as it is also much thicker as the it is vegetable based. Since propylene glycol has a thinner consistency in it, it tends to produce a lesser residue within the tank and atomizer walls.The benefit of using a propylene glycol based e-liquid is that it produces less residue within a tank and atomizer due to its thinner consistency.

As a result a clean vaping experience can then be experienced. Another benefit of the thinness of a e-liquid that is made of propylene glycol is that the cotton or wax that is part of an atomizer has an easy adsorption rate. Vegetable glycerin based vape juices have thicker clouds vapor since the overall composition is much denser. Apart from this, the other benefit of these type of e-juice is a sweeter taste. On matters concerning vaping, the type of vape juice one has comes down to ones own choice.

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